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What Our Patients Are Saying...
Prairieland Wellness Center of McLean County

Craig A. Bowars DC, PLLC
"A Tradition of Natural Medicine"

1415 Croxton Avenue,  Bloomington, IL  61701

"Excellent Healer: By far the best practicing chiropractor I have ever been to (and I have been to a few). Dr. Bowars will provide immediate help for acute aches / pains AND more importantly, will provide answers, healing, nutrition to take care of long term / chronic issues.

One of the best. Dr. Bowars really saved me and I am forever grateful to him for such great care, nutritional advice, adjustments, and for giving me not only hope when I most needed it, but actually provided a solution for my chronic condition.

Dr. Bowars is so much more than just a chiropractor - he is truly a healer.

Thank you Dr. Bowars!" --JS

"I was losing my hearing due to an inner ear virus. Within a few weeks, with adjustments and nutritional support recommended by Dr. Bowars with Zyto-Scan, I was able to recover and restore my hearing.

In addition, I have recently dropped two dress sizes, recovering a vitality and physical capacity that I haven't experienced since age 23. I'm 54 today....very grateful to Dr. Bowars for saving my hearing and restoring my love of life!

It is miraculous to me, but I believe the science of Zyto is the wave of the future for healing in a very personalized approach. Give it a try! You will be so happy that you did :-D"

Bloomington, IL

"My name is Rose Peeples. I run a successful cleaning business in the Bloomington-Normal area. I came to Dr. Bowars after going to another chiropractor who no longer could help me with my back, leg, and knee problems. I am 51 years old and love to run, bike, and religiously do P90X tapes. I was having difficulty running because my left leg and knees were hurting… pain I had never felt before.  

A friend referred me to Dr. Bowars office.  On the first visit, Dr. Bowars adjusted me and ran a Zyto Scan. Man!! What a wonderful machine!! It actually showed what was causing the pain.  Plus, the adjustment and supplement recommendations that Dr. Bowars gave me just blew me away.  Within a week I felt better and was back to running with no leg, knee, or back pain. 

My energy level has shot up and I have little difficulty cleaning 4-5 houses a day. I love my job, Dr. Bowars and his professional staff.  Help yourself… save your life… come see what you are missing… make sure you set up an appointment today! 

Thank you! "

--Rose Peeples

"I have suffered with allergies, ear, and sinus infections all my life.  When I was only 31 years old I had a massive sinus infection that went into the mastoid bone and it caused a blood clot in my brain--almost taking my life.  I have tried many medicines, numerous doctors, and even surgeries to try and help me but I still suffered a lot of symptoms.  I also had a large amount of fear that any infection could take me back to that very frightening experience of the blood clot. When my last ear infection caused hearing loss and constant roaring sound in my ear, I had reached my limit.  I was drained and felt like no one could help me.  Feeling helpless and frustrated I started praying to God that He would help me.  Later that day a friend told me I needed to go see Dr Craig Bowars.  She said, "He has the gift of healing."  

I was a little skeptical that a chiropractor could help me, but I was willing to try anything at this point.  I went to his office and was pleasantly surprised with his very friendly staff and with Dr Bowars.  He took the time to really listen to my complaints and quickly developed a treatment plan to help me.  He adjusted my back, neck, and ears.  He gave me whole food supplements to increase my immunity and decrease my allergy symptoms.  He gave me information on nutrition and what foods would help me feel better and fight off illness.  But, the most important thing that happened that day was that he prayed for me right there in his office!  I had never experienced that much compassion from a doctor before.  God heard Dr Bowars' prayer and answered it.  I regained my hearing (when my ENT said I would not).  I quit getting sick and I had more energy.  I have not had any more ear or sinus infections since then and I no longer take any allergy medicine.  What a miracle for me to be able to have health and strength again to be a wife, a mom of 4 kids and a nurse!!  God wants us to stop looking to others for help and look up to Him--depending on Him alone.  God is the Great Physician and once I trusted in Him, He directed me to one of His special servants.  I whole heartedly agree that Dr Bowars does have the gift of healing! So thankful for his gift! :)"
A very thankful Child of God,
Kelly Johnson